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In January 2016 my family and I dealt with the very unexpected death of my mother.  It was such a tragic time, coupled with the reality that we had to apportion the possessions of her estate.  My niece, sister-n-law, friends and I worked tirelessly for weeks sorting through it all.  We made countless trips to the dumpster.  Towards the end I hurt my back, which then required physical therapy.  Unbeknownst to me, a seed was planted.  That's how God works; change doesn't always happen instantly, it manifests itself over a period of time. 


Fast forward to May 2017, when I felt the Lord calling us to move out of the home we'd been in for 11 years.  Once again, we spent endless days and nights throwing rubbish we had collected over the years into a dump trailer.  Another seed was planted.


Hi, I'm Anne Lynnette Gallas, and I am the Owner and CEO of Hill Country Junk.  We specialize in rubbish removal.  Our goal is to make rubbish removal easy for you by providing the dumpster and/or the manual labor you need in an affordable flat rate fee (plus sales tax).  Ecclesiastes 3:6 says "[There is] a time to keep and a time to throw away."  Set yourself free by simplifying and removing the junk.   From estate and storage unit clean-out to building/remodeling rubbish, our team members are great at cleaning up the mess and making your life easier! 

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